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Brisbane Rheumatology was created to provide exceptional care for patients with rheumatic disease. We also created the practice to enable a collaborative approach between staff, doctors and patients to mean the very best care is delivered.

The rheumatologists meet every week to discuss new developments in medical science and technology as well as discussing how patients with more challenging problems can be best treated. We do this so we tap into a broad range of experience and training to provide the best approach to each patient’s care.

Brisbane Rheumatology Doctors Group Photo

About Rheumatology

What is rheumatology, and what is the role of a rheumatologist?

Appointment Details

Everything you need to know about preparing for your appointment is here, taking some time prior to your appointment will ensure you get the best out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding Brisbane Rheumatology, answered.

Patient Feedback

We like to hear when we have done things well, and also when we have not done things so well. So if you have a comment to make then please leave it here. If you wish to receive feedback, we aim to provide this in a timely manner.


We have collected a range of information we think is valuable, accurate and helpful for patients. Click to learn more.